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Heng Yi 恆毅.

Heng Yi specializes in clerical script (li shu). This style has a stately, well-ordered appearance that creates a calm mood.

hengyi_jiadao_lookingforhermit_lg (48K) Creator.Personal Name: 恆毅.
Creator.Personal Name: Heng Yi.
Creator.Role: calligrapher.
Title: [Poem by Jia Dao]
Description: hanging scroll; ink on paper (clerical script); inscribed and signed by the artist; two artist's seals.
Date.Created: 2000.
Type: Calligraphy--Chinese--2000.
Type: Scroll (Visual work)--Chinese.
Style.Period: Contemporary.
Culture: Chinese.
Material.Medium: ink.
Material.Support: paper.
Measurements: 21 x 38 in.
Location.Current Repository: private collection, C. J. Campbell (Chicago, Ill.)
Rights: C. J. Campbell.
Record Type: work.
hengyi_sig (18K)
Lower left seal:
hengyi_lowerseal (14K)
Translation of 尋隱者不遇—a poem by
Jia Dao 賈島(779 - 843 CE, Tang Dynasty):

Beneath a pine I question a boy.
He says "Master has gone to gather herbs
somewhere on the mountain
but who knows where? The clouds are deep."
Chinese text:


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