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Selections from my Art Collections

Below are links to several categories of material from my various collections—traditional Chinese & Japanese paintings and calligraphy; Japanese tea ceremony tools (tea caddies & water jars); Japanese vases; Japanese incense burners and incense containers. Works on paper include lithographs, mezzotints, woodblock and silkscreen prints.

Chinese Calligraphy 書法

Chinese Traditional Painting 国画

Japanese Calligraphy 書道

Japanese Lacquer Ware 漆器

Japanese Traditional Painting 日本画

Visual Arts: works on paper

Chadōgu 茶道具 (Japanese tea ceremony tools)

Kabin 花瓶 / Hanaire 花入 (Japanese flower vases)

Kōgō (Japanese incense boxes) 香合

Kōro (Japanese incense burners) 香炉

Okimono (Objets d'art) 置物

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