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Chinese Calligraphy (shu fa 書法)

Chinese calligraphy is considered not just "beautiful handwriting" but also an art that is appreciated primarily for its aesthetic qualities. For examples of the various sripts used see Styles of Chinese Calligraphy.

For more general information see Suggested Readings.

Chinese transcriptions and translations courtesy of Daniel von Brighoff unless otherwise noted. Some transcriptions may use the simpfied form of Chinese rather than the traditional form.

In all cases the metadata describes the original work, not the digital reproduction.


Aixinjueluo Yuge 愛新覺罹 . 毓歌
Chang Qinghai 常清海.
Chen Tianran 陈天然.
Dong Shouping 董壽平, 1904-1997.
Gao Huashan 高華山.
Gao Yian 高逸盦.
Guo Songting 郭松亭.
Guo Ye 郭也
Heng Yi 恆毅.
Hu Chenghan 胡澂瀚.
Huang Shengchen 黄生辰.
Jiaying Wenmiao 嘉應文渺
Jin Fu 勁夫.
Jin Long 金隆
Kaiyun 開運
Li Guangyuan 李光元
Li Ruozhong (Lei Jo Chung) 李若中
Li Zhongya 李仲衙.
Lian Tian 連天
Liweng 笠翁
Lin Zhushi 林竹石.
Lushan 廬山.
Mei Lanfang 梅蘭芳.
Shen Hong Yu 慎红雨.
Tang Feng 唐風, 1963-
Unidentified Calligraphers
Wang Yanxin 王硯欣
Wang Ying 王英.
Wu Tidy 吴泰帝.
Wu Zhongqi 武中奇.
Zhang Jiafu (Wang Yong Cai) 張家褔
Zhang Yongqing 張永卿
Zhi Ren 志仁.

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