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Sutō Eishin 周藤英真

Sutō can also be read as Sudō.

Shosetsu_Pine&snow (85K) Creator.Personal Name: 周藤英真.
Creator.Personal Name: Sutō (Sudō?) Eishin.
Creator.Role: calligrapher
Title: 松雪 [Pine, snow]
Description: hanging scroll; ink on paper; cursive script kanji; signed by the artist; three artist's seals.
Type: Calligraphy—Japanese.
Type: Scroll (Visual work)—Japanese.
Culture: Japanese.
Style.Period: Modern.
Technique: painting.
Material.Medium: ink.
Material.Support: paper.
Measurements: 28 x 44 in.
Location.Current Repository: private collection, C. J. Campbell (Chicago, Ill.)
Rights: C. J. Campbell.
Record Type: work.
Signature and seals:
Shosetsu_Pine&snow_sigseals (102K)

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