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Chinese Traditional Painting (guo hua 国画)

All the works in my collection are mounted as hanging scrolls and represent both the "fine brush" 工筆 (gong-bi) and the "free hand" 寫意 (xie yi) styles.

For more information see Suggested Readings.

Chinese transcriptions and translations courtesy of Daniel von Brighoff unless otherwise noted. Some transcriptions may use the simpfied form of Chinese rather than the traditional form.

Traditional categories or genres are noted after each painter:

  • landscape paintings (山水画): includes "blue-and-green" landscapes (青綠山水) and "ink-and-wash" landscapes (水墨山水)—the former use bright blue, green and red mineral-based pigments to create a rich effect, the latter use mainly black ink and wash techniques to express the artist's conception of nature, his own emotions and individuality;
  • bird and flower paintings (花鸟画): includes flowers, fruits, birds, animals, insects and fish;
  • figure paintings (人物画): includes religious figures, historical subjects, and scenes of everyday life.

In all cases the metadata describes the original work, not the digital reproduction.


Da Shi 大石 (flowers & birds)
Feng Jian 峰劍 (flowers & birds)
Gao Wen (?) (flowers & birds)
Huang Yongyu 黃永玉 (flowers & birds)
Jianing 佳宁 [Li Yuming 李玉明] (landscapes)
Lai Shaoqi 賴少其, 1915-2000. (landscapes)
Lee Binxing 李滨杏 (landscapes)
Li Guande 李冠德, 1969- (landscapes)
Li Jinsheng 李金生 (figures)
Li Siyuan 李嗣源 (flowers & birds)
Lin Kai Liang 林開亮, 1972- (flowers & birds)
Liu Ce 劉策 (landscapes)
Shen Mei 沈梅, 1947- (flowers & birds)
Wang C. C. (Jiqian) 王己千, 1907-2003. (landscapes)
Wang Chun 王淳 (landscapes)
Wang Dachuan 王大川 (landscapes)
Wang Jiashan 王佳山 (flowers & birds)
Wang Xinling 王新陵, 1952- (landscapes)
Xiaoyun 小雲 (flowers & birds)
Zeng Side 曾思德, 1951- (landscapes)
Zhao Yong 趙勇, 1967- (flowers & birds)
Zhou Rongguang 周榮光 (landscapes)
Zi Qiang 子強 (landscapes)
Zong Zhou 宗周 (flowers & birds)

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