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Chinese Calligraphy (shu fa 書法)

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Chinese Calligraphy 書法

Chinese Traditional Painting (guo hua 国画)

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Chinese Traditional Painting 国画

Japanese Calligraphy (shodō 書道)

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Japanese Calligraphy 書道

Japanese Traditional Painting (nihonga 日本画)

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Japanese Traditional Painting 日本画

Chadōgu 茶道具 (tea ceremony tools)

Webliography: Chadōgu 茶道具 (Japanese tea ceremony tools)

Kabin 花瓶 / Hanaire 花入 (Japanese flower vases)

Webliography: Kabin 花瓶 / Hanaire 花入 (Japanese flower vases)

Kōgō 香合 (incense boxes)

Webliography: Bibliography:
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Kōgō (Japanese incense boxes) 香合

Kōro 香炉 (incense burners)


Okimono 置物 (objets d'art)

Webliography: Okimono (Objets d'art) 置物

Shikki 漆器 (lacquer ware)

Webliography: Bibliography:
  • Shadows and Reflections: Japanese Lacquer Art from the Collection of Edmund J. Lewis at the Honolulu Academy of Arts (Honolulu: Honolulu Academy of Arts, c1996)
Shikki (lacquer ware) 漆器

Visual arts: painting, photography, works on paper


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