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Japanese Traditional Painting (nihonga 日本画)

Nihonga is the traditional Japanese painting technique. It is usually contrasted with yōga 洋画, Western style oil paintings, which came to Japan in the Meiji Era. All the works in my collection are mounted as kakejiku 掛軸 (hanging scrolls)—also known as kakemono 掛物.

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Japanese transcriptions and translations courtesy of Daniel von Brighoff unless otherwise noted.

Traditional categories or genres are noted after each painter:

  • sansuiga 山水画 (landscape painting)
  • kachoga 花鳥画 (bird and flower painting)
  • jimbutsuga 人物画 (figure painting)

In all cases the metadata describes the original work, not the digital reproduction.


Adachi Taidō 足立泰道, 1937- (birds and flowers)
Asako Hitoshi 麻古等 (birds and flowers)
Eiji 英二 (landscapes)
Fukai Seishū 深井清秋 (birds and flowers)
Gyokka 玉雅 (birds and flowers)
Hosono Mitsuharu (細野光治?) (birds and flowers)
Hōseki 峰石(birds and flowers)
Jōzan 丈山 (birds and flowers)
Kanze 観世 (birds & flowers)
Kazuhara Shun 数原俊 (birds & flowers)
Kitamura Sōzan (蒼山) (landscape)
Kōjō 高城 (birds and flowers)
Mifune 御舟 (birds and flowers)
Mochiku 茂竹 (birds and flowers)
Nagata Shunsui 永田春水, 1889-1970. (landscapes)
Nakayama Jin 中山仁 (甚) (birds and flowers)
Okuda Kansui 奥田寛翠 (birds and flowers)
Shōyō 松陽 (birds and flowers)
Shūko 秀香 (landscapes)
Seien 青園. (birds and flowers)
Seiji 誠治 (landscapes)
Seikō 清光 (birds and flowers)
Sōzan 藻山 (birds and flowers)
Suiko 翠古 (birds and flowers)
Suishō 翠祥 (birds and flowers)
Teigetsu 汀月 (birds and flowers)
Tōryō 東嶺 (landscapes)
Uemura Shōen 上村松園, 1875-1949.
Unidentified Artists (various)
Yamaguchi Keitei 山口桂汀 (birds and flowers)
Yamanōchi Shin'ichi 山之内信一 (birds and flowers)
Yuki 雪 (birds and flowers)
Zui'un 瑞雲 (birds and flowers)

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